How to work on fluenpty

Execute the unit tests

./ test -q

or pytest or tox (to test all supported python versions).

Generate the documentation

cd docs; make clean html


sphinx-autobuild doc doc/_build/html

to work on it while it live updates

Send patches

Pull requests with unit tests please. Bonus points if you add release notes.

Please note that this project practices Semantic Versioning and Dependable API Evolution

Release checklist

  • Tests run at least in all supported versions of python. Use tox

  • Increment version

  • Update Changelog

  • build with $ ./ sdist bdist_wheel

  • upload to testpypi as required $ twine upload –repository testpypi dist/fluentpy-*

  • Test install and check the new version from pypi

  • Tag release

  • Push git tags

  • upload to pypi as required $ twine upload dist/fluentpy-*